Monday, March 2, 2009

Life Has Changed...


Life has changed over and over again.
No matter how many times you look at it.
It will always be different.
It will be different in sight, sound, taste, smell and touch.

You'll always think to your self that you're the one who has changed.
But you'r totally wrong.

It's wrong to say that you're alone.
It's wrong to say that your not loved.
It's wrong to go through life without anyone by your side.

But this always seems to happen.

When ever someone needs you the most.
You're never there to help them.
When someone doesn't need your help at all.
You seem to be there annoying them constantly.

No-one can help this, what people go through everyday.
They can only help themselves when they need it most.

I wish it was different.
I wish it was over.

But i wish that i was different.
I wish that i was over.

But for some reason i will be far from it.

And i'm glad.
Because nothing can save me.
For what i'm about to do to myself.
And i hope no-one ever does.

So Goodbye..


(C) Emma Shaw - 22nd August 2006

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