Wednesday, March 11, 2009

.... Places of utter compulsion...

Why do people have to be so obnoxious all the time. They like to test you at the wrong friggin times. Like to test you becuase it pleases them to see how far they can go before destroying everything..

Complete and utter disgust for those people sometimes. It's just wrong, and utterly pathetic..

There should be no need for tests like that. You should be able to trust each other, and not play ganes when one feels like it, just because you can..


And i'm not saying this as a women's perspective, I know that some girls can do the exact same. But i just know from what i've beentold, and from personal expeience that men have done it more..

I'm not discriminating against males, i'm not doing that at all, just expressing my valid point. And hell if any male/ or female for that matter has any objective to what i have said, Please feel free to say. Don't hesitate, I would love to hear what anyone says on an of my notes. It's why i write, So people can know who i am, and fight to make a point valid if i believe it's so.

But that doesn't mean i wont listen. Who knows, you might make me change my mind. But you will never know until you write back.

I would love to hear from anyone with a valid point. On absolutely everything and anything. :)

Love to hear from you soon..

<3 Emma

(A.K.A Qendresea)
Lady of Squee and Honorary Black Rose...

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  1. I think alot of men are men of war, they dont feel like its over until they leave a pile of pieces behind them. Women on the other hand inclined to let it go.. but theres always exceptions to the rule , good men and bad woman, and a whole lot of people somewhere in between trying to work it all out..
    the world has been trying to work this one out for a long time.. men and woman really are a different spieces i think
    well thats my thoughts :)