Saturday, February 28, 2009


When life takes you by the hand and gives you the choice to choose which path you'll lead, remember one thing...

Good is always followed closely behind by bad. You may think you escpae it, but it is always lurking arounf each corner. Each step you take can be fatal.

Even in relationships. Good and Bad. Happy and Sad. Joyful and Painful. Fight For or Terminated. You don't know where it will lead you, or what each choice you make on your own and as a coupld will do to effect you both.

If it thrives into a long commitment or if it's only a short timer fling. Or if it's over before it even begins. But when it is over both of you combined have the right to still be friends. Do what you feel is right for you and talk about it. Discuss the pro's and con's of your actions which lead you hear. Don't just shrug it off.

The think is one of the greatest gifts you can recieve. It helps you through thick and thin. It even helps you to help others when that have trouble thinking for themselves. And helping someone is the most amazing thing you can do, not just for yourself, but for them as well.

Friends, Enemies, Partners, Friends with Extra's, you never know how your going to end up, unless you think and talk about it.

Life is something worth living if you have friends. No-one could love you more than that love of a true friend wanting to do anything in their power to help you to be the best person you want to be.

It's why we communicate. Able to have FREE SPEECH, able to stand up for what we believe in.

If we didn't have FREE SPEECH we wouldn't be herd. And i for one like being herd, and not some prize to be won, and hidden away. I like to be free. And be myself and not what others think or want me to be. It's not what i will ever be. Some Trophy.

To all the girls you have the right to seapk out. FREE SPEECH is for us all and we should take pride in that. I know i do. Talk out, take care, and fight the right to speak your mind.

No man should tell you differently. We have earned the chance to change with time. So why cant many men except that. This is a new era. Get out and enjoy it. Don't hide in the dark.

We have to stick together.
It's how we can be herd, and not just seen.
We have to fight for what we believe in.
And i believe in my right for FREE SPEECH.

I hope you do too...

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