Saturday, February 28, 2009


Everything in life is a suggestion. It's a tes to see who will cave, and who will pass. The strong few of us are able to hold back on the temptation and live their lives that way. Were as most of us (including me) are tempted by things that are bad for me. This theory is based towards everything. Food, Drinks, Clothes, Money, People, and above all Relationships.

Who isn't attracted to the bad guy. I mean, tatt's, piercing, bad sense, personality, looks, feel, friends, clothes. All of that i find attractive. Muscles, NO hair except snail trail, the V to (wonderland), Taller (then me), Tatt's, Piercing's, Long Hair.

All those fantastic qualities in the one man, attracts me. Always has, always will. And no-one can change my mind. Try if you dare, but i am strong.

I have be known as a Joan of Arc. Out to help and save others, before even considering on'es self. Some of you might disagree with this. But i believe it too be true. I do everything in my power to help those of whom i know. Dont care what i'm going through, as long as thyey are feeling better, and happy. In sense it makes me happy knowing i could do something for them, even if it's just to listen. I can do it all, and still feel praise.

Yes i am an emotional wreck sometimes, but as long as others are happy because i was there for them. Makes me smile.

So on the bright side, friend, aquaintances, close people, family, men, women, strangers. If for anything don't be ashamed, or too embarrassed to come and talk to me. If i don't have any advice too give on the subject (which is quite rare) i can always help just by listening.

To keep it all in for yourself and have no-one to talk to is a nightmare, i of so many people know that.

So please, don't hesitate at all. No matter what the subject it's on.

I am here for you all.

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