Friday, February 20, 2009

Random Thoughts 1

Why does life have to be so hard.
Up, downs, all over the place.
The good turns into bad, happy turns into sad in split second.
Joyful into tearful.
Extatic into bashful.
Always changing. In split second.
In split parts of the life you own.
No-one knows why, no-one wants it to happen to them.
And i'm sure alot of people would like to find out.
Especially the ones that get hurt.
You try your best not to make them in pain.
But you know there is nothing you can say without finishing at that conclusion.
Why can't this world we live in be a happy place everyday.
All the time, everywhere.
It's because of the balance we have to have.
If we don't have balance.
We wouldn't have the life to begin with.
And we wouldn't want that.
No-one would, no matter how sucky their life was...

(C) Emma Shaw - 10th December 2008

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