Monday, February 16, 2009



That about covers my mood atm.. And the mood i discovered about midnight last night..
It fustrates me that even those around you know your hurting, tend to want to hurt you more to make them feel better and hoping you change your mind and wanting to take them back..
If you haven't figured out already this is about my recent break up with my ex.. *NOW*

Fustrating and annoying.. but i don't blame him for wanting to make sure i know how he feels..
It's called revenge.. In his sweet, non-sceptical, all over, hating me state... Not like he could ever hate me.. He says..

Lies... he's even lied to protect me saying it was amutual break up.. Wasn't of the sort at all.. I broke it off.. He tried everything in his power and more to keep me.. And now i have his mates going.. "Are you ok.. How you doing"
I'm doing alot better then him.. Talk to him.. It was a mutual break up my ass....

So what if we spoke 5 hours before i came to the conclusion... I had thoght about it for 3 weeks.. I had been hurting for 3 weeks.. 5 hours was nothing compaired to that..
It will hit him soon when he realises i wont be coming back, nand therefore the Hatred, and revenge state will really kick in..

Oh the joys of having such a life as i.. nd having to deal with this over and over again each year, begining to end..
I'm over it.. And therefore.. over ever wanted to feel hurt again


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